Tuesday June 18 2019

Indianapolis, IN Physician's Office
Geist Center for Allergy, Asthma & Immunology, PC

New Patient Information/Testing:

Please allow 1 1/2 hours to 2 hours for appointment and plan accordingly.
Please bring all required completed paperwork, or you will need to come 15 minutes early.
Bring ID and Insurance cards. As a courtesy, we will check your eligibility with your insurance company.
Please check with your insurance regarding coverage for ALLERGY BENEFITS and Testing. (See codes below) If no allergy benefits a payment plan can be arranged. If you have a high deductible plan, and your deductible has not yet been met, partial payment will be collected towards your deductible at time of service.

IMPORTANT!!  (to help with your appointment)
Please bring this information with you: 
Most Recent ER records- pertaining to any reactions- including labs done
Any previous skin testing results
Most recent labs by your primary care Dr.
Most recent Dr. visit
Medication list

These are the Allergy codes you will use to check for coverage with your insurance.
       Basic Procedure codes are:
          Office visit: 99204
          Allergy Skin testing: 95004
          Allergy Injections: 95117
          Allergy Serum: 95165
          Spirometry: 94010

Medications can interfere with testing: Please be prepared to give list to front desk when scheduling.
Herbal remedies, sleep aids, ADD and certain anti-reflux medications are only some of these.
All OTC cough and cold medications may interfere with skin prick test/allergy testing.
Antihistamines (such as Allegra, Claritin) may interfere with testing if taken within 5 days of your visit.
If medications can not be stopped for the appointment, consultation may still prove very useful to assess your problems, and discuss other options for diagnosis and therapy.
We look forward to seeing you!

If you have any urgent questions or comments, please call us at 317-826-5440 or use our contact form.